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Job search is broken and outdated, let's fix it!

SidePost is building a job search engine that understands job applicants seek something deeper than a paycheck in return for their work.

SidePost connects top talent in search of meaningful work to employers
9 out of 10 people are willing to earn less money
to do more-meaningful work
Our Philosophy
Our core belief in building the next-gen job search engine is that when choosing a career, personal fulfillment is just more important than salary. Wages are no longer as significant as the intangible benefits of the work. As a result, more salary isn't usually recompense for a demanding job; rather, it's part of the package that comes with a good one. The significance of meaningfulness in determining work selection has gradually increased.

SidePost will make it possible for jobseekers to find jobs based on their lifestyle and work fulfillment preferences. SidePost’s aim is to introduce new ways that jobs can be searched, located and applied for. At the core of our design sits our desire to focus on the key reasons why people seeks jobs or tend to change careers.

The intention is to help candidates find jobs that match their life-centric and work preferences much faster and more efficient, and to help employers hire the right talent anytime and anywhere. We believe that salary is just the price of labor, so like all prices, it’s determined by demand and supply forces. However salary is not the only factor when people search for jobs.
Unsatisfied with the job offers you've been getting, but not sure how to turn things around?
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Unsatisfied with the job offers you've been getting, but not sure how to turn things around?
Explore jobs
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